Strategic Plan

Plotting A Course

CIOOS has a Strategic Plan that unifies the path forward for each Regional Association. A roadmap to achieve the CIOOS mission, our 2021-2026 Strategic Plan details key values, areas of societal impact, and a vision for ocean observing in Canada. We have identified four main themes that this work will include :

Strengthen partnerships for improved ocean observations and service delivery. 

» Goal 1.1. Regional Partnerships: Strengthen engagement with new and existing regional partners to increase and diversify data holdings, promote usability and provide products and services.
» Goal 1.2. National Partnerships: Promote the work of CIOOS’ community of partners at the national level to increase collaboration within CIOOS and across Canadian initiatives.
» Goal 1.3. International Partnerships: Represent Canadian ocean observing on a world stage through increasing visibility and expanding international collaborations and partnerships.
» Goal 1.4. Indigenous Partnerships: Continue ongoing engagement and dialogue with Indigenous governments, organizations and communities to explore best practices for sharing and preserving Indigenous ocean knowledge and data in ways that support Indigenous data sovereignty.

Improve the discoverability, accessibility and interoperability of Canadian oceanographic data.

» Goal 2.1. Expand data sets available to increase discoverability and accessibility.
» Goal 2.2. Increase real and near real time data sharing to improve forcasting capabilities.
» Goal 2.3. Develop standardized, reliable methodology for ocean data in Canada which is categorized and developed to improve interoperability.
» Goal 2.4. Leverage Regional Associations as national data assembly centres to capitalize on regional expertise.

Convert ocean data into information and knowledge through the development and use of tools, products and applications.

» Goal 3.1. Create, adapt and catalogue tools that enable efficient ingestion and processing of ocean data.
» Goal 3.2. Develop tools to increase the usability and accessibility of the CIOOS user interface.
» Goal 3.3. Develop tools, products and applications that are purpose-made for specific end-user groups.
» Goal 3.4. Showcase and share tools, products and applications developed by end-users to create a valuable knowledge base within CIOOS that builds on itself.

Increase the ability to understand current states and predict future states of Canada’s ocean spaces by supporting modelling efforts and sharing ocean model results.

» Goal 4.1. Catalogue models and model standards available regionally and nationally to increase overall use of model data and support reusability.
» Goal 4.2. Develop CIOOS model metadata standards in order to more efficiently ingest model output data.
» Goal 4.3. Connect modellers with ocean observational data to enable the development, assimilation and validation of models.
» Goal 4.4. Enable CIOOS partners to develop data products and applications to address model user requirements.

Strategic Plan 2021-2026