Executive Team

Keith Lennon

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Director, Ocean Science for Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Doug Wallace


Scientific Director, Meopar

Denis D’Amours

Executive Director Pacific

Ocean Networks Canada

Andréane Bastien

Executive Director St. Lawrence

Executive Director, St-Lawrence Global Observatory

Shayla Fitzsimmons

Executive Director Atlantic

Dalhousie University

Anne-Sophie Ste-Marie

National Web Presence

Manager – Communications and partnerships, St-Lawrence Global Observatory

Eric Peterson

Data Stewardship

Founder, Tula Foundation and Hakai Institute

Organization Chart​

The Executive Committee, with representatives from across the regions and across stakeholder and rightsholder groups, ensures a clear and transparent decision making process throughout CIOOS.

Regional Associations (RAs) are partly governed by Regional Oversight Committees (ROC) composed of data providers, end-users, and other significant partners. Executive Directors lead each RA and include data technicians and outreach engagement specialists. Three Regional Associations include the Pacific, St. Lawrence and Atlantic. These RAs work cooperatively with partners in their region to deliver:

  • a scalable, interoperable system for data assembly, management, quality control and dissemination of essential ocean variables (EOVs);
  • cyberinfrastructure solutions that are fit-for-purpose and scalable for future needs;
  • management of an initial set of EOVs;
  • data access and visualization tools that promote data access by end-users.