Ocean Data For Our Ocean Future

Data access for Canada’s:

  • Ocean Health
  • Ocean People
  • Ocean Economy
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The Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System (CIOOS) is Canada’s nucleus for integrated ocean science and observing activities.

CIOOS engages locally, connects regionally, and coordinates nationally to elevate Canada’s ocean monitoring to the global stage. These partnerships generate information and facilitate place-based solutions to advance our understanding of the ocean. With CIOOS, users can now discover, access, and visualize high-quality data through our online platform. By navigating these vast waters together, CIOOS helps prepare for Canada’s future by unlocking the true potential of our ocean, coasts, and waterways. 

What discoveries can be made if we just connect the dots?

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CIOOS Data Tools

Data Explorer

Use the map to search  geographically for data, across supported datasets. Filter, aggregate, and download just the data that meets your criteria. Data Explorer downloads are in a standardized (.csv) format.

Catalogue Map 

Use the interactive map to search geographically and find complete datasets. Find the datasets in their original format; many can be converted to a format that meets your needs.

Data Catalogue

Use filters and keywords to search the full collection of CIOOS datasets across Canada. You can use the catalogue to find the data or metadata in its original format, and many can be converted to a format that meets your needs.

Who Should Use CIOOS

CIOOS supports your research efforts from planning through archiving with its open data platform. Discover existing datasets, plan how your work can fill a niche, and contribute to the state of ocean knowledge as results come in. CIOOS helps you meet open data requirements of funding agencies through data management, data preservation, and metadata cataloguing. Gain recognition for your efforts and collaborate with others in your region and around the world.
CIOOS maximizes your data’s value by facilitating open access to all Canadians. Contributing to our integrated approach will help you reach beyond discipline specific  data initiatives and government channels, improve transparency for your stakeholders, and support essential decisions for ocean management.
CIOOS is committed to working respectfully and meaningfully with coastal Indigenous communities to learn how we may support stewardship efforts. We hope to explore the potential for collaboration and partnerships to achieve our shared ocean observing goals.
CIOOS is your resource for actionable ocean data to  meet your operational needs. Our platform can save time and money by helping you discover relevant coastal and ocean monitoring initiatives and develop cross-sectoral partnerships. Collaborate with others and demonstrate your commitment to social corporate responsibility by sharing your available ocean observing resources with all Canadians.
CIOOS provides access to common data sources that  facilitate greater transparency, evidence-based decision-making, and improve your organization’s management efforts. Join the open data movement that supports integrated approaches to coastal and ocean management by contributing to CIOOS.
CIOOS makes it easy for ocean researchers to share data in one place. Now, recreational ocean users from swimmers, to kayakers and fishers can use our online platform to plan their day on the water. Explore CIOOS’ tools and visualizations to learn about Canada’s coasts and oceans. As we come together, everyone benefits.

Regional Associations support diverse ocean users

CIOOS benefits from a national infrastructure for data discovery and access, but draws its strength by being regionally specific. To better serve our diverse country, each CIOOS Regional Association ensures that data meets local ocean observing needs and complies with national standards for global integration.

CIOOS Pacific

CIOOS Pacific integrates data from Canada’s west coast, from Dixon Entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Visit CIOOS Pacific website here

St. Lawrence Global Observatory

SLGO integrates data from the St. Lawrence, from the Great Lakes to the Gulf.

Visit SLGO website here

CIOOS Atlantic

CIOOS Atlantic integrates data from Canada’s east coast, from Labrador to Bay of Fundy.

Visit CIOOS Atlantic website here

CIOOS Founding Organizations